We have many different activities that you can do in our place. When we get into trouble, then 360, Residential Bank and other event organizers have came to help us.

We provide the activities below:

ZORB soccer

It is a football where every player is inside an inflatable ball and a lot of fun happens by chasing the football. People are colliding and jumping around the playground. There’s a lot of fun in the process of this activity. In the game there are 12 people at a time in two teams and the winning team goes to the next round. This game is fun to play and more fun to watch.


We have 10 SUP boards on the spot + 1 large SUP board for 8 people. They can be taken and traveled around the island as needed, to go look at seals, go look at the sunset or just take sunbaths on it. A large SUP board can hold up to 8 people and is good for team racing or competitions. However, if you want to get boards for everyone then our partner has an unlimited amount of them. Also, with the SUP boards, you can already make a visit to us, bags come by boat and you come by boards. Why not do the coming a team-joining activity.

Seal observation

From our island 300m to the south is located a seal rookery place where there are 50-100 individuals. The chance is to go see them – that is with a launcher or SUP board. It is particularly pleasing to combine this with sunset, so two good things in one. In 99% of the cases they have been present and this is 1% when not – is when the wind is hard and the wave is high.


We have prepared for you an orientation on the island with a photo hunting. So your task is to walk through the island, search for different points, make funny pictures there and see the nature of our island, sheeps, birds and perhaps some seals. The game lasts 1-2h and is still the most popular activity on our island. It can also be adapted to be more sporty and longer, if the team is more adventurous. We have combined it with an 8-in-1 board trip around a sunken ship.

Brave Capital Viirelaid


A variety of water sports are available with the boat – drive with a ring, wakeboard, water skis, go swimming to the sea, jump on a water trampoline, etc.


It is possible to rent fish equipment or nets from us to get your first or a hundred fish. There are many pike on the western shore of the island and the perch can be reached with the net. We are also able to arrange fishing training for you under the professionals hand.


Collaborating with the organization of various events (60, Housing Bank, Happening), you can order many different team games and team building activities. Just let us know what you want and we’ll organize it for you.

Winter activities

In winter you can skate, ski, do snowboarding behind the ATV, go snowboarding with kitesurf snowboard, go to the sauna, swim in the ice hole, also the barrel sauna can be warmed up. On the february and march the sea is covered by ice, so you can come nicely by walking.

Board games

We have table tennis, discgolf, petanque, korona on the spot.

More activities:

  • Sauna, barrel sauna, pool
  • Orientation on the island
  • Driving with the SUP boards
  • Seal observation
  • Fishing
  • Korona
  • Table tennis
  • Discgolf
  • Volleyball
  • Water sports – wakeboard, tube
  • Kitesurf training
  • Sailing