Viirelaiu Serial Story, Part 101: Thailand & Around the World Trip

17. Mar 2024 admin

Anyone who has been to Thailand, to Koh Phangan, knows that the island is home to some fantastic restaurants. On the two occasions we visited last fall, our undisputed favorite became Indigo. And it seemed to be popular with other island residents too, because we often had to wait in line to eat there, and it was a pretty big place.

In any case, all the food there was incredibly good. So good that one morning we invited the head chef out and asked for the recipe because we couldn’t understand how such simple ingredients could be turned into something so perfectly delicious. Head Chef Chris is a man of Filipino origin who has worked in Japan, Macau, Hong Kong, and now landed on this island. He has developed a menu that is delicious and healthy, including his own bakery products series, chocolate series, coffee series, smoothies, etc.

His work left such a deep impression that upon returning to Estonia, we felt like, what if we invited him to Estonia and Viirelaiu? And lo and behold, after 2 weeks of persuasion, he agreed. Now we are doing the paperwork and have received confirmation that he will arrive at the end of May. So, friends, this summer, in addition to our fantastic chef Birgit from Fotografiska, you will also get a taste of Asia. So, you are invited this summer. There is no other place in Estonia where two super good chefs – one from Estonia and the other from Thailand – will cook for you.

We have also created a “Trip Around the World” friends package, where we offer a food journey with our new amazing chefs. Gather 25 friends, and then we will arrange everything for you. The price for this would be 200 euros per person, which includes the entire island, all rooms and suites, sauna, and then a special food trip created by our chefs, starting with snacks and lunch upon arrival on the island and ending with a special multi-course dinner from Thailand, the Philippines, Italy, France, Estonia, and Japan, and for breakfast, a healthy selection of breakfasts from different countries.

Write to us if you are interested in gathering friends and having a friends’ gathering. How often do you see all 25 friends together?

P.S. We can also arrange for a larger or smaller group if you wish, and we have a simple system to make the organizer’s life easy.

P.S.S. This offer is only valid on weekdays.

Write to us if you are interested.

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