Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to us?

You can get to the island by boat from Virtsu or Kuivastu harbour. From both harbours it takes about 10 minutes. In case of a stronger wind, it may take up to 15 minutes.

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Is there a catering on the island?

Yes, we have a chef on site with a team who will prepare the right meal for you. Be it 1 or 100 of you.

In our menu, we offer a diverse selection of dishes made from fish living in Estonia. We have also prepared various vegetarian menus.

Our kitchen uses a large BBQ oven, which allows guests to prepare a BBQ pork, duck or beef.

In addition, we have an oven for smoking fish, where freshly smoked flounder, perch, flaxseed and wind pike are prepared.

Here you will get a genuine and delicious dining experience!

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Can I come to the island with just two people?

Yes, for a romantic getaway for two, we have private luxury accommodation KUUL floating on the water.

Otherwise, it is possible to participate in public events organized by us.

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Can I become a volunteer?

Yes, always – we will find you something useful to do. You can be away from everyday routine at the office and spend useful time in nature. We will find a suitable job for you – heat the sauna, mow the lawn or fill drinks behind the bar.

Write to us: info@viirelaid.ee


Upon cancellation, the prepayment made to us will not be refunded.

Write to us: info@viirelaid.ee