Embassy of Viirelaid Republic

You have the opportunity to organize your own event with us, hold meetings, make parties, weddings, dinners, etc. Only the sky is the limit!

We will help you with this arrangement from end to end. We have experience in doing this, as we have organized concerts, summer days, seminars, trainings, weddings in total almost 1000.

We offer food from only from the top chefs in Estonia!

The rooms have the necessary equipment for you – long tables, chairs, a projector, a screen, a recreation area, etc. All to make you comfortable.

We have the sound system that is set according to the NÖEP rider. With music and DJ, you get exactly what you want. We have good contacts with almost all Estonian performers.

In addition to our chef and sommelier, it is possible to get almost any other top chef with us. Well, much like Viirelaid – only that the sea is not blocking here.

Address: Rävala pst 12

To awesome experiences,

– Priit, Kertu and Team Viirelaid