Since the new season has begun, we have changed our menu to ensure that we offer only the best to our guests. To achieve this, we seek the assistance only from the the top chefs in Estonia.

Our menu is a combination of locally sourced raw materials and world-class culinary skills. Thanks to our partnerships with multiple chefs, we are able to provide a range of options, including both buffet-style and table dinners. We have had the pleasure of working with talented chefs from the Baltic countries or even further beyond the borders, we have collaborated with NOA Restaurant, Alexei Zimin etc.

For more special occasions such as anniversaries and weddings, we customize our menu to fit the nature of the event. All of our dishes are freshly prepared on-site and have received high praise. We are well-equipped to cater to parties of any size, from just one guest to as many as 100.

Our menu features a diverse selection of fish that are sourced from Estonian waters. Additionally, we have developed a number of vegetarian options.

Our kitchen features a large BBQ oven, which allows guests to cook pork, duck, or beef to their liking. We also have an oven specifically for smoking fish, from which we offer freshly smoked flounder, perch, flaxseed, and wind pike.

Visit us for a genuine and delicious dining experience!