This summer will be very special on Viirelaid because instead of one top chef, we will have two and we are delighted to welcome our new head chefs – Birgith Zupping (Estonia) and Christian Rey Galzote Vargas (Philippines), whose diverse backgrounds and dedication to cooking bring new winds to our kitchen.

Birgith Zupping, whose educational journey has taken her through several universities studying restaurant management, business strategy, and now operating at Fotografiska, is a true embodiment of versatility. Birgith’s career reflects her passion for sustainable nutrition and the use of local ingredients. Working as a chef at Fotografiska, Birgith has focused on sustainable event catering, collaborating with local producers, and finding new ways to reduce food waste, for which Fotografiska Tallinn has been awarded the Michelin Green Star.

Christian Rey Galzote Vargas brings to Viirelaid island the rich experiences of his international career, ranging from the highly acclaimed Indigo restaurant group in Thailand to working as a freelance chef, offering customers unique experiences in the field of food and gourmet. His education in hotel and restaurant management from Nueva Vizcaya University in the Philippines has given him a solid foundation upon which he has built his skills in Filipino, Thai, Japanese, French, and Italian cuisine, as well as in the preparation of French pastries and Italian gelato. Christian is known for his ability to combine traditional flavors with new trends, developing unique menus and food choices both in the kitchen and in pastry and confectionery.

Birgith and Christian’s shared vision brings new flavors, knowledge, and inspiration to Viirelaid’s kitchen, offering guests a memorable culinary experience. We look forward to seeing how their unique backgrounds and passion for the art of cooking enrich our island’s culinary landscape.

But also, our excellent contacts with all of Estonia’s top chefs give you the opportunity to order creations from almost all of Estonia’s top chefs, whether it’s a buffet or a multi-course dinner. We’ve had top chefs from abroad cooking for us, from all the Baltic countries and even from as far as America and Asia. Whether it’s Orm, Vlad, Rado, Paukson, or Matthias – all the top chefs from Estonian restaurants have cooked for us.

For more formal events such as anniversaries and weddings, we set the table according to the nature of the event. Highly acclaimed dishes are all prepared on-site. We are ready to cater to all our guests, whether there is 1 or 100 of you.

In our menu, we offer a diverse selection and, for example, dishes made from fish living in Estonia. We have also prepared various vegetarian menus.

Our kitchen is equipped with a large BBQ oven, which allows guests to prepare BBQ pork, duck, or beef. In addition, we have a smoker for fish, where freshly smoked flounder, perch, roach, and pike are prepared.

You will get an authentic and delicious dining experience with us!