Viirelaid is known as an utterly unique holiday and party location that adds enjoyable spice to life and brings pleasant fresh flashes between ordinary days. But that is not enough for us; we want to be even more special! Therefore, dear friends, we are coming out with something completely unprecedented – a domestic travel package brimming with experiences, the likes of which nobody here has ever offered or experienced before.

You don’t have to worry about how to get to the island. Because the experience begins already in Tallinn. We will come for you and your companion by helicopter and transport you directly to the “private island” of Viirelaid. The entire island in its beauty and majesty is yours, including the lighthouse, all the houses, and 20 bedrooms – you choose in which of them you spend the night. A Michelin star-worthy top chef conjures up dinner just for the two of you. To accompany it, you sip only the finest champagnes. The next day starts with another surprise – breakfast prepared by a superstar chef flown in directly from Thailand, just as you wish, but it’s certain to be especially healthy and extremely authentic. And then finally, a day after arrival, you can start your journey home. Sitting in a luxurious Porsche, which takes you on a grand tour of manors from Virtsu to Tallinn.

That’s the kind of grand trip we have to offer you. The price is 20,000 euros.

NB! Don’t think about it for too long, because in 2024 only one (read: ONE) package will be sold.

P.S. If you would rather win this package, then participate in the raffle and on 1.06.2024 we will draw the package for one couple. Add your email here and if luck smiles at you then you are the one who flies to us.

Price includes:

  • Transportation to the island with helicopter from Tallinn
  • For one couple
  • Water all around
  • Dinner from Michelin star master chef
  • Breakfast from Tai’s master chef
  • Transportation back to Tallinn from Virtsu with Porche