Henri and Keili: our wedding at Viirelaid was truly magical

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Henri and Keili are one of those couples who have been together since high school. In the spring of 2018, Henri brought his loved one to Viirelaid for her birthday. On that day the private island organized a gourmet dinner for twenty guests with a chef from Ribe restaurant. The weather was beautiful and the spring breeze made their hearts happy. But Henri had a plan to make this day even more special. After dinner he suddenly fell on one knee in the middle of this lonely island and asked Keili to marry him. The emotions were unbelievable and, as the couple says, that was the most memorable day so far. However, it was not the only significant evening in Viirelaid.

The young couple had their special day planned in the summer of 2020. It was important for them to enter marriage in a place that has a special meaning in their lives. “We saw a lot of beautiful places in Estonia, where other happy couples had their dream wedding.,” Keili remembers that there were several options on their mind. “However, the feeling that we do not want to have a party in a place which we have nothing to do with and have no memories to remember, was playing the main role. Viirelaid had its own charm for us, because the proposal was made there and island itself created magical memories for us.” The most important thing for the couple was the feelings and emotions the island brings to their hearts. 

Unique atmosphere

Since the wedding took place in the middle of August, it was not possible to be sure that the weather would not disappoint. “We didn’t know what we were risking,” Henri says. “The concern was that the weather would be crazy, with a decent storm in August, and that means extra problems with accommodating the whole wedding decorations, meals, the team and finally the guests indoors. There were several possible scenarios, but we did not allow ourselves to be disturbed. We stop worrying and hoped for the best. What happens, happens!”  Henri remembers and says that they had also played through the B and even C scenarios in their heads in order to make adjustments at the last minute, if necessary. “In reality, everything went as well as I never would have believed!” He adds.

“Our wedding day had one of the best weather out of all summer days. We had a really beautiful day, ”  remembers Keili.  “What I remember most is how we were able to enjoy the whole process from the very beginning. I enjoyed the whole day without any worries  with the people who matter most to us. This day went very naturally and effortlessly. Since Viirelaid has two boats, guests started to come in small groups already from noon and everyone had time to enjoy the island before getting ready for the wedding ceremony.

Henri ja Keili. Foto: Cärol Liis Metsla
Henri and Keili. Foto: Cärol Liis Metsla

According to Henri, the special atmosphere of Viirelaid helped everyone stop running and just relax and be. “Today’s life is so fast, it’s good to get somewhere where you are away from everyday life. In other words –  to enjoy, relax and spend time with the people you have invited to celebrate your day, “he explains.  “Pure and wonderful island life. No city noise and unnecessary things that makes you worry. Viirelaid is a mystical place, a completely different world, although so close to the mainland. This feeling is in the hearts of many who have been there. ”

Smooth organization

In addition to the atmosphere, the couple also praises Viirelaids ability to organize its team. “Catering, transport and other administration went smoothly. Dealing with all the transport and logistics of the guests may have added a fair amount of complexity to the organization, but I don’t know if there were any vipers or problems. Everything was done perfectly and we were always successfully reassured on every issue,” says Henri.

“Of course, in order to relax and enjoy, you also need to be able to take every moment, but it must be mentioned that we had a great team, without whom we would not have been able to breathe so calmly. The people of Viirelaid, the wedding organizers of DreamDay studio led by Aet Viisitamm, Tõnis Milling, Carol-Liis Metsla, Maret Ubaleht and Awentus – we can’t thank them enough, ” Keili says gratefully.

Keili and Henri made five suggestions on why you should travel to Viirelaid:

  1. Opportunity to become part of a unique island life. We have other islands in Estonia, but you have to experience the feeling that Viirelaid offers yourself, it is different.
  2. There you will always find a place to be alone and to meditate.
  3. Being surrounded by the sea is one of the best things here. You can feel it in the room, because the sea can be seen from every window.
  4.  A very lovely family who welcomes you in their have their own rhythm of life, but is always there if there is a concern or question.
  5. In summary – a sea view in every corner, a cozy and lovely accommodation complex typical of a small island, happy people, good food and beautiful sunsets.

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