7 Top Tips To Organising A Successful Corporate Event

5. Jan 2021 administrator

What is the best corporate event? It is not possible to give an unambiguous answer, because some people like the same corporate events and others different corporate events. For example, active summer day corporate events are like that – you run back and forth, there is something to do all the time. Or corporate events(summer days), where you can rest from work and just be there, do nothing. It is easier if you have the experience of previous years. What if people’s desires change and they want something else? Also who wouldn’t like to eat, summer day catering is just for that.

1. It is certain that food is very important for corporate summer days – Summer day catering

Because you have to eat, and who does not want to enjoy a good meal. In summer day catering, grilled food is included and people associate it with rest and travel. Why not go that safe route. Today, where some people are embarking on a more conscious diet, it is good to combine different grilled meats / sausages with grilled vegetables and cheese. From my experience at Viirelai, I can say that if a carnivorous person is given the opportunity to try grilled vegan food, they will run out of meat faster. Summer day catering is the way to go!

2. Another important part for corporate summer days is alcohol / drinks

Here it is equally good to know from experience how the team has worked in previous years. If it has happened that part of the team is already so hungry before dinner, then it is worth thinking about limiting the drinking of strong alcohol until dinner and limiting yourself to lean. In our experience, 90% of corporate events are without this problem, but these 10% are a headache for both the organizer and the team.

How to make corporate events memorable for your team? Our experience shows that when guests are politely offered drinks (glass, ice, lemon, straw and bartender), people are also more polite. We have also organized such corporate events where during the event we organize tastings and introduced people to new cocktails and wines and talked about our own drinks. So people can experience something new and realize that it is not necessary to drink warm vodka with warm juice from a plastic cup every time.

3. The third important thing is music for corporate event to succeed

We have had almost 70 corporate events with Viirelai, and it is certain that you should think of something earlier so that there is no typical example where the team organizes a youtube disco, ie where one song plays for 30 seconds, a new person comes and puts a new story completely. from another mast, etc., etc. If your company can’t find the means to hire a DJ (their prices start at 150 euros), it would be a good idea to have a playlist prepared by the employees before and it will play in such a way that it will not be possible to fight between different music lovers.

A little more about choosing live music – if you are interested, we have helped to bring a lot of different performers to Viirelai, because it requires logistics and other matching with them. Otherwise, we have recommended contacting a place like the Estonian Artists’ Agency

4. The fourth important part to make corporate event a success is activities

But this is now a tricky topic. Maybe if your team is athletic or lazy and that’s the majority, it’s easier. An easy solution for the slightly lazy is to prepare for a company-related quiz, contest or something like that. Event management (www.360.ee, www.elamuspank.ee, www.happening.ee) helps those who are more athletic. In Viirelaiu, we have also solved this part by giving a choice where the more active can use, for example, an SUP table, and also made orienteering with different levels (from easy walking to running, swimming, SUP table).

5. Advice for the best corporate event – Evening or day guide

This part takes away more stress from you as an organizer, and you can enjoy the summer day yourself instead of dealing with different problems. This is also your summer day and you could have fun too.

6. In our experience, corporate event are always cooler when it comes to a theme or style

In our experience, summer days are always cooler when it comes to a theme or style. Costume parties have always been especially intense. However, this requires good preparation from the team. However, this can sometimes be difficult to achieve if there is no such team commitment or no time for people to deal with it.

But it can also be solved. How have we solved this on our island? Have you seen any of your friends or colleagues who, after drinking five cocktails, don’t put on a wig or a suit lying on their table when they have the opportunity? We have done that by bringing a bunch of clothes from a rag or costume rental and “forgetting” them with a box at the party house. And it has never happened that people don’t wear them. You can also use make-up makers and hairdressers who come to the event and make people “face to face”.

7. It’s worth thinking about the morning!

It is worth preparing early so that people do not have a hard time the next day. We have used a few tips here – maybe after every other drink we have also recommended people to drink water. Another thing that worked is to put a bottle of Borjom in bed in the evening so that people can drink it at night. But if that’s not enough, we also have Ibuprofen at the breakfast table, which takes away that last pain.

I see summer days as a cocktail of different desires. There could be something about every day on a summer day – from business to stupidity and vice versa. Summer days should be fun.

I hope you find something useful here and you can always ask me for advice if you have any questions

Priit Villemson

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