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Have you found yourself so overwhelmed with everything happening around you that you feel like you need to get out in nature and be offline?

Nature has a power of healing. No wonder there is a saying “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks”. 


Listen to the waves, feel the salty air, wander around the island, see the birds, get entertained by the seals, connect with nature. 

We invite you to enjoy our little piece of heaven – Viirelaid, a private island in northern europe. First of all, to get here you will need to take a boat ride, that will help you catch the offline feeling you are looking for. You will feel like going to a different reality. We will get you settled in your room along with a delicious cup of coffee or mellow glass of wine. From the first steps over here, you will feel how the peaceful atmosphere takes your breath away. Time to recharge yourself.  


You can come to Viirelaid by yourself, with your partner, best friend or family, as long as you are ready to forget about everyday life.

For those who come here to find peace, we suggest not to plan anything and let yourself be. We will light up a fireplace for you and will handle you with a blanket to get cozy. You will find plenty of different (mostly old but good) books here for a relaxing afternoon.

 You will see many trails around the island, made by sheeps or other animals. Just follow the trails and you will feel harmony between yourself and our land. You can sit under our only apple tree in the middle of the Island and be with yourself. You can sing, talk to yourself or to nature. It doesn’t matter, because it will be just you and the wild. 

You can follow the sun. In the morning it rises on one side of the island, but in the evening you can watch the sunset on the other side. No other words can describe this – it is just magical.

Although you will have good phone signal here, we don’t have wifi everywhere, so you can get offline completely. 

To relax not only your soul, but also your full body, we can make you sauna. You can also soak in one of our hot tubs to give yourself full retreat. 

To make your getaway completely worry free, we will take care of your meals by preparing nice comfort food and will make sure you don’t get thirsty. But if cooking is one of your passions and you finally want to enjoy being a chef, we have a kitchen in the main house that you can use. 

If you like to plan your holidays and you would like to do something special – don’t hesitate to inform us about your wishes, we will try to make it happen. We also offer something that will raise your adrenaline level up – windsurfing, kitesurfing, boat rides and other activities. 


As summer is our “High season”, it will be much busier on the island. A lot of times we have big company events or even many small groups having their custom events here. For that reason we advise you to come and enjoy peace and quite between the seasons. To be direct – the best time will be september/october or april/may. In this time the weather is still really beautiful and quite warm, you can see the beauty of season changes in nature and you can enjoy being on the island without any distractions. 

“Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

Wishing you all relaxing, enjoyable and energizing days at Viirelaid. 

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