Survival package 5 days @lonely island


How do you feel? You're tired and want to be tired of this city life, noisy, screaming at home, would you like something different?

Here's one way - go to a lonely island, read a book, hike around, watch the birds, wait for the storms and experience its power.

You can do all this on Viirelaid. We'll take you there and we are left alone.


Duration: 5 days

Packet contains: Boat transport to Viirelaid

5 days accommodation alone on the island

5 bags of trees - if you want to make a sauna, you have to look for dried trees on the island by the sea or yourself

5 canned food

2 packs of pasta

2 bread

2 loaves

10 eggs

1 cylinder full of gas for the gas fireplace located in your bedroom

1 hook

1 fishing net

1 inflatable boat to take you off the island on the last day

1 pair of fisherman's trousers

Survival package 5 days @lonely island