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Do you want your dream job? Tired of annoying co-workers? Does your boss get on your nerves? Work is monotonous?

Do something different! Come and be Viirelaiu’s island keeper!

If you can’t come yourself, send an offer to a friend who has a crappy job!

Job description

  • Viirelaiu lighthouse and island guard
  • Making a meal for yourself
  • Accommodation for those in distress (in case someone gets into trouble)
  • Fireplace heating
  • Enjoying solitude

Requirements for the candidate

  • Good self-reliance skills
  • The ability to light a fireplace with matches
  • The experience of managing without television for a minimum of 1 week
  • Knowledge of how to dress warmly
  • Previous knowledge of cleaning up after yourself (including experience of holding a brush, mop and cloth)
  • Cheerfulness and sincere interest in nature
  • Some language skills at the communication level
  • The ability to behave safely both towards yourself and the island.

We offer

  • The opportunity to be alone
  • A unique opportunity to guard the island and the lighthouse
  • Long, dark and sometimes dark nights
  • The opportunity to read books that have been left on the shelf for a long time
  • Fire in the fireplace and candles
  • The fee
  • There is no reward if the seafarers do not give anything for shelter

Previous work experience is not required, but is an advantage!

On-site training and education.

If you are interested, please write to the FB page or

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