During the season from April to September, we can accommodate up to 101 guests. We have a variety of accommodation options, from more luxurious rooms to simpler tents.


We organize different events for different tastes. All You have to do is choose whether you want time for yourself, a pleasant time with your family, or selfless dancing listening your favorite performer or DJ.

Corporate events

Viirelaid is a unique place where you can combine teamwork, work, fun and create a pleasant being in the middle of untouched nature. All it takes is one summer day.

We host both small and large groups who want to organize summer days, seminars, dinners, team events, marketing events, meetings etc.


Wedding on a lonely island – YES, it is possible in Estonia!

We will help you organize the most memorable event for yourself and your dear guests on a unique lonely island with just one household, a plinking red lighthouse in the middle of the courtyard, wild nature, and a few dozen rabbits as neighbors.


Want to experience something new and unique? Here’s the opportunity you don’t have anywhere else in the world – a private luxury accommodation in a floating KUUL.