Viirelaiu beer PÄEV (day – light beer) 6 bottles


  • Nine out of ten store beers are pilsner-type beers, pasteurized, filtered – and lifeless. Raasiku Pilsner is a typical German pilsner, but it leaves the Raasiku Brewery in unpasteurized form. It is a real drink that could foam in jugs in some Bavarian beer stalls, where a lively waitress moves around the hall, dozens of heavy jugs hanging between their fingers. The raspberry uses special pilsner malt and two types of hops. The beer is light yellow in color, you can feel the pleasant aroma of hops, the taste of real beer. Light Pilsner is a good thirst quencher. Ferments in 30 days

    Box of 6 beers + sending fee 2,95