Viirelaid beer ÕHTU (evening) 6 bottles


  • “March beer” was once sold in Estonian stores. The name may be remembered by older people, but MARZEN is still based on one of the world’s most popular beers, Marzen, which is drunk in thousands of tons at the famous Oktoberfest – a beer whose widespread reputation is disputed by German merchants. , politicians and an old prince. To make Marzen beer, the brewery mixes three types of malt – a fine art that adds richness to the taste of the beer. A sip of Marzen – and you can feel the sweetness of malt in your mouth, but after another sip there is a slight bitterness. Marzen is suitable for gourmets who appreciate the taste of beer and travel around in search of new taste experiences. Marzen fermentation takes 30 days. The beer has won 2 places in the KSK beer club competition in 2015 “The best handmade beers in Estonia in 2015.

    Pack of 6 beers + sending fee 2,95