Viire Tiir 9 @Viirelaid 22-23.05.2021


Surf & Chill Camp @Viirelaid

  • Surf & Chill Camp @Viirelaid

    Many things are different this time:

    1. Weather – We will make the event closer to the summer at the very warmest time in Estonia – end of May
    2. Different surf clubs all over Estonia will also be involved in organizing the event
    3. The event is not only for advanced – everyone who wants can get surf ABC lessons
    4. More content and activities – read about them below and keep up with the information that you have added.

    NB This is not a “normal” surfcamp Viirelaid offers extremely isolated conditions, giving the event a much more. Exactly which one surfer is likely to dream of!

    Why should you come to the camp?

    • Good company and unique atmosphere. The opportunity to get out of your normal life-style and share it with others like you.
    • Great wind opportunity. It is possible to travel to the island with each direction of the wind.
    • Various activities: surf, SUP, deep music, hot sauna, good being away from real life in the Viirelaid Republic.

    Saturday Night DJ

    • Viirelaid is located in the Suur Väin, between Virtsu and Muhu
    • Google Maps:
    • Previous event video


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