Mothersday @Viirelaid 09.05.2021


  • Oh, where I would also like to get out of the home after this home school, kindergarten and mud spring. I would go on a trip, but no matter where you go when all countries are locked.


    But what if you traveled in Estonia and traveled to a small island with your family. Get a little out of the routine. And here we come to our aid – the Viirelaiu family.

    We will make you have a nice time – Mother’s Day Viirelaid

    We make your stay enjoyable – we ride a boat, hike, make pancakes, make picture frames, make a cinema, go to the sauna

    In other words, one nice day with our family and the bonus is that we also have our children who have been waiting for playmates for a long time.

    In any case, you are welcome.

    You can find accommodation prices on the website

    Other prices here
    Transport by boat to Viirelaiu and back pays 22.-
    Children 0-3 free
    Children 3-12a pay 12.-

    Lunch 9.-
    Dinner 14.-
    Breakfast 8.-
    Children 3-12a have meals -50%
    Children 0-3a have meals without charge


    PS. If this Corona is still making waves in May and we can’t have Mother’s Day, we’ll just refund you.