Masterchef Orm Oja “Dinner in the Sea” 05-06.07.2021

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  • We invite you to Viirelaid to enjoy the performance and you can be a participant. Orm Oja prepares food for you from the sea, land and air in equal proportions.
    What makes this dinner special – a lonely island, the beach, feet in the water. But don’t worry, it won’t be the only special place where we serve you meals.
    The first course is served in the form of a picnic between junipers, the second in sea and then we continue in the old lighthouse keeper house.
    Anyone who wants to take part in this special event must hurry because places are limited!
    Dinner is included with accommodation in the Viirelaid Lighthouse Complex. The price includes transport to and from the island, dinner, accommodation, breakfast, morning sauna
    Main room Deluxe room 189 .- / person
    Main building stage room 169 .- / person
    Main house suite with fireplace 229 .- / person
    Sauna suite with fireplace 229 .- / person
    Cube double house 179 .- / person
    Cube with toilet-shower 189 .- / person
    Triple room Deuxe 159 .- / in (triple room)
    Deluxe Quadruple Room 149 .- / in (quadruple room)
    Triple suite 169 .- / in suite with fireplace (threesome in the room)
    Quadruple suite 159 .- / in suite with fireplace (quadruple in the room)
    Selection of rooms on this page
    The price includes accommodation, dining table, transport to and from the island, sauna, heating snacks
    Book an early seat, divided into only 26 chef’s tables.
    Dinner starts at 19:00