EXCLUSIVE DINNER Restaurant “Horisont” and chef Marko Sõmer @Viirelaid 13.06.2021


  • Viirelaid and the Restaurant “Horisont” connect two great things together: an incredible view and a love of good food.
    The chef of the “Horisont” Marko Sõmer will come from his city center tower to enjoy the boundless horizon of Viirelaid island.
    This special event has inspired him to put together a menu that adds up the best sides of the two places. Although Marko mostly comes with modern French dishes, Viirelaid has inspired him to serve them in a rather peculiar form.
    Since for us wine and good food go hand in hand, the sommelier of the “Horisont” will prepare a special selection of wines to enjoy at dinner.
    Come for a unique experience on a lonely island, enjoy an incredibly good gourmet dinner, beautiful nature, sleep in the historical lighthouse keeper’s house (built in 1880) and meet other wonderful guests and create unforgettable memories. Collect moments, not things.
    Price for the experience:
    Room 1,2,3 price 199 .- / person
    Room 4 price 239 .- / person
    Room 5, 6 price 189 .- / person
    Room 7 price 299.-
    Sauna room 299 .- / person
    KUUL 319.- / person
    https://viirelaid.ee/en/majutus/- Here you can see the rooms.
    Following price includes accommodation, dinner, transport to and from the island, sauna, breakfast, snacks.