Burning Island 2021


  • What is Burning Island?

    It is a paradise – it is a kingdom of Heaven that is brought out of Pandora’s box just once – for two whole days. This is a place where you can only end up with good luck. You may have wondered – why there is no “Disneyland” for adults. It might be this! Everything is colorful, variegated, full of positive emotions, colors, music. We call it the Heaven on Earth, where your own inner child is unleashed and in space-time is exactly as desired or remembered as a child – without anyone expressing their opinion or judging you. You can be who you want to be.

    This is Burning Island. Feel the ups and downs of the American roller coaster, which runs through unpublished works of history, where the main activity takes place in a Starwars-like fictional unreality and co-creation Mecca free of religions, laws, rules and social norms. The only belief that spacecraft residents believe in is a belief in humanity – a belief in a better, fairer and more sustainable tomorrow. The “Lighthouse of Mordor”, which symbolizes Viirelaid and its heart, is a reflection of how a like-minded community moves towards a common goal.

    Once you’ve seen the hidden secrets of a paradise island and how the Robinson Dynasty is working together on a closed island, you’ll feel like you want to contribute more to of that in reality – start changing the world order through dance, good aura and unprecedented artwork like the Illuminati.

    This is your chance to grab the bull by the horns and step with the other islanders towards true freedom. Move where the music never stops, dance where the grass caresses your feet and admire the beautiful nature, where no one has been before. Burning Island is an event that takes us back to happiness and makes us feel like in our childhood – happier, simpler and free, because these days will ​​increase satisfaction among ourselves and everyone else in dance, music and the arts.

    Fire Island is a place where the pillars of life energy meet and as a result – dancers are flown around the wide world, or to the catacombs of Burning Island, which brings together the best of the coolest places and experiences in the dance world.

    Burning Island Spaceship ticket 179.- (two-day ticket)

    Be quick as only 99 people can come to the event!!!

    Dates: 02-04.08.2021

    Room prices:

    Main house room 1, 2, 3 price 50 .- / person per night,  room price for four people in total for two nights 399.-

    Main house room 4 price 50 .- / person per night, room price for a total of six people for two nights 599.-

    Main house room 7 and Sauna suite for up to six people a total of 750 .- / night

    Cubic House 1,2,3 and Main House Room 5,6 – price 70 .- / person per night,  room price for two people for two nights 279.-

    Glamping tent for 2 price 70 .- / person per night,  room price for two people for two nights 279.-

    Glamping tent for 3 price 60 .- / person per night, room price for three people for two nights 359.-

    Glamping tent for 4 price 50 .- / person per night, room price for four people for two nights 399.-

    Bunk- bed house one bed in shared room  Men / Women – 50 .- / two nights for one person

    Seminar house with toilet / shower place in shared room 100 .- / two nights for one person