We have organized nine weddings at Viirelaid and in 2021 there are coming more and more weddings. A single island is particularly well suited for this occasion – a special location ensures that the wedding is remembered for everyone. From our part, we do everything to make the wedding as enjoyable as possible. Until this time the biggest wedding has been with 95 guests and they were very, very happy.

We have been assisted by Anu Ilves in the organization of weddings and Andres Karu as the host. On the musical side, we are either ourselves or the organizers have organized a band / DJ. There have been in our place a band of 10 members with all the techniques. So it has never happened that because of the location musicians couldn’t come.

Birthday, jubilee or other important day in Viirelaid.

We have organized different styles of celebrations for different guests. Someone wants a good dinner, someone a styling party or a walk in nature. Everything can be organized.

Give us this opportunity and we will organize an unforgettable event for you and your guests.

    We will respond to you in 24 h, but of course we do our best to get in touch with you sooner.

    We thank you for your interest and hope all the best to see you in future.

    See you soon,

    Priit from Viirelaid

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